The project

The Platform for Political Innovation is a project aiming to strengthen the role and efficiency of Civil Society in Greece, focusing on the imperative need for innovation in policy-making. The project is based on the collaboration of three Greek Civil Society Organizations which combine and build on their experience and know-how in order to maximize the impact of activities for Political Innovation. From October 2014 to May 2015, we initiate experimental applications of innovative processes and tools in different Greek cities, focusing on the re-design of decision-making processes at local and national level. The proposed action plan constitutes the phase B of the wider social project POLITEIA 2.0 which won the Audience Award in the 2012 European Investment Bank Social Innovation Tournament.


The activities of the Platform for Political Innovation focus on Research, Networking, Training, Digital Tools and Innovation Workshops Development in 4 Greek cities.

Syntagma 2.0


Innovation workshops for the participatory design of a new Constitution for Greece by its citizens.




Innovation workshops for the participatory design of a public space. Focus area: Varvakeios Square, Athens.


Social Campaign

Comparative research between 6 countries and data visualization. Dissemination of new knowledge on the possibilities of democratic and collaborative applications in the modern era.


Be part! Trainings


Trainings in Participatory Leadership, Participatory Design, Strategic Communication & Management tools for citizens’ teams and organizations, held in Athens, Thessaloniki, Kozani and Messologi.


Interdisciplinary Conference


A one-day international interdisciplinary conference on “Participatory Design: from the Square to the Consitution” held at the University of Athens.




An open source digital tool for translocal networking and collaboration of citizen groups working on a common social challenge.



The main aim of the project is to create the conditions and develop infrastructure for the transition of Policy-making towards new applications: the research, development and application of prototype tools and processes for participatory design and decision making both online and offline, on a local and on a national scale. In this context, the project objectives include:

1) Action research for the development of new knowledge and new democratic experiences that strengthen social cohesion and combat hate speech.

2) Capacity building of individuals and communities for collective change management.

3) Connection of tools and online/offline methods for participatory governance and substantial citizen engagement, limiting the digital gap.

4) Social Diplomacy development in order to raise the issue of the democratic deficit and the institutional exclusion of Civil Society in Greece, putting forward the need for a new Constitution.

5) Development of a transnational community of supporters of the project the broader mission to develop a Global Research and Innovation Center for Democracy and Political Science in Athens.


We have developed a partnership of three NGOs in order to achieve the project aims. The project engages additional working groups of over 50 people who bring technical expertise and experience from the sectors of cultural management, communication, design, sociology, urban planning, political science, education, organizational psychology and new technologies. The actions create new groups and networks at a local and national level which ensure the sustainability of the project after the end of the 8 months funding timeline of the programme “We are all citizens”



Forum for culture, sustainability and innovation







Clusters for place identity

and citizens’ participation

SciFy: Technology for Society


The project is co-funded by the program «we are all citizens», which is part of the overall EEA grant mechanism for Greece. Bodossaki Foundation is the project Fund manager. The program aims at strengthening civil society and the optimization of NGO contribution in the areas of social justice, democracy and sustainable development.



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